Bookings for lectures and conferences

Ursula Huws is an experienced public speaker who has made presentations to conferences, workshops and seminars in North and South America, Australia and Asia as well as throughout Europe.  If you want to invite her to speak (or anyone else who does not have a full-time job with a regular salary), please bear the following points in mind.

  • For voluntary organisations and worthy causes, every attempt will be made to subsidise the cost of attending an event, but nobody can live on air and it may be impossible to do so without some recompense.
  • Current speaker fees (which vary according to the type of event and client) can be obtained on request.
  • Unless you are asking for a presentation of ongoing work from a project with a budget for travel and dissemination, you will need to be able to reimburse not only the cost of travel and other expenses but also the time involved in preparing and delivering the presentation and travelling to and from the location.
  • If you expect a written paper for publication please be aware that this involves extra time and therefore extra expense.
  • It is not always feasible to get a cheap APEX ticket to and from a single location from Analytica’s home base in London. Sometimes it is necessary to juggle several different engagements into one round trip. And sometimes the booking has to be left until the last minute because of other uncertain demands. Wherever possible we try to achieve economies (for instance by trying to link together different engagements in the same country) but there is only so much a human body can stand and travel does not get any easier.
  • Ursula Huws has a disability that involves hospital treatment around four times a year. During the periods immediately preceding and succeeding this treatment her mobility is impaired and she needs to travel to and from airports and stations by taxi, with wheelchair assistance at airports and to avoid climbing stairs.
  • Please be aware of intellectual property issues. If you want a powerpoint presentation in advance, remember that it is not your copyright and do not expect to be able to put it on your website without prior authorisation.

Saying ‘Unfortunately we do not have a budget for speakers fees but this is a very prestigious event and you will meet some influential people and of course we will pay your expenses’ is a bit like going into a shop and selecting a shirt and saying ‘unfortunately I do not have a budget for clothing but I am a very important customer and I will take it home in a very smart bag which I will pay for myself’. Think about it


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