Some past projects and clients/funders

Industrial relations and social dialogue: Collective Labour Disputes in the EUEurofound2020-2021
Gender, Digitalisation and the Future of WorkEuropean Institute for Gender Equality2019-2020
Digital Footprint Project (prevalence and characteristics of platform work in Europe)FEPS/UNI-Europa (with national co-funding in 12 European countries)2016-2019
RESCUE (Citizens’ Resilience in times of hardship)European Commission (FP7)2014-2017
The Dynamics of Virtual Work, 31-country COST Action Association2012-2016
Work Organisation Restructuring in the Knowledge Society (WORKS)European Commission (FP6)2005-2009
Quality Standards for Organisational Case StudiesEuropean Foundation for the Improvement of Lliving and Working Conditions2006-2007
Labour Market Changes and Welfare Perspectives in Europe (LAW)European Commission (FP5)2003-2005
Statistical Indicators of Labour Markets and the eEconomy (STILE)European Commission with Eurostat  (FP5)2002-2005
Professional and Ethical Codes for Socio-economic Research in the Information Society  (RESPECT)European Commission (FP5)2002-2004
EuropeAid – Asia@ITC Programme 
Australian EMERGENCE Australian EMERGENCEDepartment of Transport and Regional Services and Edith Cowan University, Australia2001-2005
EMERGENCE Canada   EMERGENCE CanadaSocial Sciences amd Humanities Funding Council, Canada2003-2006
Status Report on Outsourcing of ICT and Related Services in Europe (report)European Monitoring Centre for Change of the European Foundation2004
Estimation and Mapping of Employment Relocation in a Global Economy in the New Communications Environment  (EMERGENCE)European Commission (FP5)2000-2003
Policy Review of  Research Projects on the Information Society funded under the 4th and 5th Framework ProgrammesEuropean Commission DG Research2003-2005
Table d’Observation Social des Centres d’Appels  (TOSCA)European Commission (FP5)2000-2004
Eurotelework  euroteleworkEuropean Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs2000
Assessement of coverage of socio-economic issues and research in Information Society Technologies (IST) programme of Fifth Framework ProgrammeEuropean Commission DG Information Society1999
Virtual Call CentresGulbenkian Foundation and Mitel1999
Information Society, Work and Social Exclusion (SOWING)European Commission (FP4)1998-2000
Telework and Teletrade in India and MalaysiaUN University Institute of Technology (with funding from IDRC and UNDP)1997-1998
Teleworking in Local GovernmentLocal Government Management Board1998
Teleworking and GenderNUTEK (Swedish Government Ministry)1996
An Evaluation of Homeworking in ACASAdvisory  Conciliatory and Arbotration Service (UK Government)1995-1996
Teleworking and Rural DevelopmentRural Development Commission (UK Government)1995-1996
An overview of the research on teleworkingDepartments of Transport, Trade and Indsutry, Employment, Environment (UK Government)1996
Teleworking and GenderEuropean Commmission DG Employment and Social Affairs1995-6
Flexible Labour Markets and Benefit SystemsEuropean Commmission DG Employment and Social Affairs1995-6
National Survey of HomeworkingNational Group on Homeworking (UK)1994
Teleworking in the Follow-up to the Jacques Delors White Paper on Growth, Competitiveness and Employment in EuropeEuropean Commission Employment Task Force1994
Action Programmes for the Protection of HomeworkersInternational Labour Organization1994
Good Practice in the Employment of Homeworkers and TeleworkersInternational Labour Organization1993
Contractual arranements for the employment of teleworkersEuropean Commission DG Information Society1993
Teleworking in BritainEmployment Department (UK Government)1992-1993
Employment and Training in LondonConsortium of six London Training and Enterprise Councils1992-1993